Société Clinical Skin Care

Results through science: Societe Medical Skin Care focuses on delivering results and have designed a line of products and peels that deliver on their promise, namely due to the scientific basis used in selecting our key performance ingredients.

Sulfate Free, Paraben Free, Fragrance Free, Artificial Dye Free & Cruelty Free

A five-ingredient breakdown, targeting the essential components needed to achieve healthy skin. The numbers on each Société product box indicate how many Antioxidants, Acids, Proteins, Plant Sources and Vitamins are in each individual Société product.
  • Antioxidants protect the cells and counteract free radicals. This is why a very complex amount of antioxidants are essential in providing the best skin defense. A variety of them are found in every one of our Société products and are clearly identified for ease-of-use and understanding.
  • Acids are vital ingredients that aid in skin cell exfoliation for a fresh, radiant, healthy looking skin.
  • Proteins are the group of essential amino acids that act as the building blocks for protein in your skin. Research shows that about 75% percent of your skin is protein, which is essential for creating a healthy base.
  • Vitamins are essential for all cell functions and particularly important for your skin.
  • Plant Sources are directly linked to natural botanical extracts, oils or derivatives found in our products.
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    Skin Care Products:

    PURE Everyday Cleanser- $33

    A gentle antioxidant-rich daily cleanser, good for all skin types & conditions that maintains the skin’s natural barrier function by balancing moisture levels while removing skin impurities, dirt & oil.

    • Pro-vitamin B-5 and Vitamin E oils soothe the skin.
    • Tangerine, Bergamot, Orange Peel reduce inflammation.
    • Contains African Pepper Seed, an anti-bacterial, great for post-healing

    AHA Exfoliating Cleanser- $33

    This concentrated triple Alpha-Hydroxy Acid (AHA) cleanser accelerates the exfoliation of dead skin cells from within the skin’s layers, helping skin to look healthier, younger, smoother and firmer – suitable for all skin types.

    • Strong anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory benefits.
    • Perfect product for those needing additional daily exfoliation.
    • Contains Australian Tee Tree Oil (purest on Earth).

    DEEP Thermal Cleanser- $31

    A clinical and at-home deep cleansing treatment formulated with self-heating clay to assist the skin by removing dead skin cells (exfoliating) and trapping impurities.

    • A fabulous twice-a-week, at-home deep cleansing treatment.
    • Formulated with self-heating clay.
    • Polishes and smooths skin using natural sea salt.

    SUPERFRUIT ENZYME Exfoliator- $36

    Gently lifts and exfoliates dead skin cells, unwanted pigment and debris from within pores. Using a high potency blend of Mangosteen, Goji, Noni and Cranberry Superfruits, formulated with a proprietary enzyme blend, skin will become smoother, softer and calmer in minutes.

    • Smoothes rough, flaky skin
    • Clarifies and clears skin tone
    • Helps lighten skin discolorations
    • Softens debris within pores to ease in extractions, and deeply cleans pores
    • Calms irritated skin and diffuses redness
    • Promotes healthy cell turnover and renewal, and improves skin function

    CLARIFYING Prep Solution- $32

    A gentle antioxidant-rich daily cleanser, good for all skin types and conditions that maintains the skin’s natural barrier function by balancing moisture levels while removing skin impurities, dirt and oil.

    • Suitable for all skin types.
    • Reduces inflammation and clears impurities.
    • Uses salicylic acid for exfoliation & provides skin with 19 antioxidants.
    • Contains vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) for collagen stimulation.
    • Gives an immediate firming effect to skin.

    CONDITIONING Prep Solution- $32

    A skin-prepping agent supplying antioxidants and amino acids to the skin – suitable for all skin types. It rejuvenates cells, fights free radicals and prepares skin for corrective agents while natural plant oils soothe and protect the skin, helping skin look healthier, younger and firmer.

    • A skin-prepping agent supplying antioxidants and amino acids to the skin.
    • Rejuvenates cells, fights free radicals & prepares skin for corrective agents.
    • Soothes and protects for healthier, younger and firmer skin.

    BLEMISH Clarifying Complex- $46

    A unique blend of ingredients designed specifically for problematic skin, this complex targets the key factors that contribute to a variety of challenging skin conditions. Bacteria, oil production, inflammation and cellular build-up are all components that increase negative skin responses, causing impure, inflamed and problematic skin.

    • Used daily, this complex will aid in reducing these triggers, improving the skin’s condition and overall appearance.
    • This complex is excellent for anyone with oily skin.
    • Addresses bacteria, sebum production, inflammation, retention hyperkeratosis, 5-alpha reductase, hyaloronidase and lipase enzymes.

    BRIGHTENING Serum- $46

    This serum is formulated using a patent-pending inhibitor that targets the enzymes responsible for pigmenting and aging the skin.
    A technological breakthrough, this serum controls inflammation, manages the Matrix Metalloprotease and Tyrosinase enzymes and will play an instrumental role in an anti-aging and skin brightening regimen. A must for all aging, pigmented and inflamed skin types.

    • A skin brightening serum formulated with patent-pending ingredients that target the enzymes responsible for pigmenting and aging the skin.
    • Helps control inflammation and manages how the body’s own enzymes break down collagen and elastin in the skin.

    REFINISHING Complex with PRT- $53

    • By accelerating the cell turnover of epidermal keratinocytes, our unique retinol formula promotes a decrease in the melananosome transfer to the keratinocytes leading to a more uniform distribution of melanin.
    • The Bioactive Base increases melanosome dispersion in melanocytes. This results in the reduction of the appearance of hyper-pigmented areas.
    • The melanin inhibiting synthesis qualities of the catechin ECGC in our green tea formula, as well as the anti-inflammatory aspect on the melanocyte, further assist in regulating pigment production.

    REFINISHING PLUS Complex with PRT- $68

    A breakthrough skin treatment formula with a patent pending delivery system designed to aid in skin retexturizing of higher percentages of Retinol and Alpha Hydroxy Acids. Utilizing vital Amino Acids, two forms of Vitamin A, three Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Vitamin E and a Beta Hydroxy Acid this complex is must for all skin types. With the addition of our Pigment Regulating Technology (PRT) this new formulation helps to regulate melanin production to provide enhanced benefits for the skin.


    TRANSFORMING Skin Complex- $44

    An everyday anti-aging treatment cream powered with Antioxidants, Vitamins, and Botanical Extracts that protect and treat the skin. This formula is excellent for maintaining the skin’s natural moisture and restoring elasticity while repairing damage from environmental factors – to strengthen the skin and treat premature wrinkles, facial lines and slackened skin.

    • Provides protective skin barrier to help hold in moisture.
    • Restores elasticity while repairing damage from environmental factors.

    PRIME & DEFEND SPF 30 with antioxidant green tea- $48

    • Dries Transparent
    • Broad Spectrum Sunscreen UVA/UVB
    • Good for ALL skin types, including Rosacea & sensitive skin
    • Does not clog pores (non-comedogenic)
    • Antioxidant-Rich Protection with Green Tea
    • Environmental Protectant Barrier
    • Lightly tinted to even out skin tone
    • Smoothes and softens skin
    • Excellent primer for all make-up, including mineral make-up
    • Great for post-peel and post-laser patients / non-stinging

    CALMING Relief Balm- $52

    Rescue sensitized skin with the calming effects of natural plants, antioxidants and vitamins. Good for ALL skin types.
    Contains ingredients to help reduce inflammation, soothe irritated skin, and reduce dryness and flakiness, to stop inflammation in its tracks and repair damaged skin.
    It contains active ingredients known for their moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory and anti-oxidant effects, including: Aloe; Shea Butter; Soybean Oil; Borage Oil; and, a multi-herbal complex extracted from seven plants – Rosemary, Chamomile, Green Tea, Licorice, Japanese Knotweed, Skullcap and Gotu Kola.
    The most revolutionary of its ingredients is Sea Whip Extract, one of the most effective anti-inflammatories on the market. A natural ingredient that is safe, effective and environmentally friendly, Sea Whip is a marine organism found in the Caribbean Sea, and is a renewable resource harvested off the plant itself in the form of polyps, which only occur a few times each year.

    • Helps reduce the appearance of redness
    • Contains ingredients to help calm inflammation
    • Helps with skin irritation
    • Soothes tenderness and sensitivity
    • Aids in eliminating dryness and flakiness

    Ultimate Eye Lift- $94

    A two-step age reversal regimen that firms and plumps the delicate skin surrounding the eye, producing immediate and long-term improvements. Continued use lightens the appearance of dark circles, reduces puffiness and lessens fine lines and wrinkles.

    • Hydrates, firms and plumps skin
    • Hyaluronate Microgels offer superior hydration
    • Asiatic Acid (Gotu Kola) reduces damage from aging
    • Peptides boost cell metabolism around the delicate eye area, creating a firming and plumping effect
    • Stimulates collagen/elastin
    • Contains the most proliferative Peptide complexes on the market
    • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
    • Helps lighten dark circles under eyes by targeting the 3 key causes
    • Nanosomal delivery provides rapid penetration

    Intense Firming Complex- $119

    Recapture your youth with Peptides and Antioxidants. Achieve the appearance of reduced muscle contractions with “Neuro/Toxin-Like” Peptides. Firms and rejuvenates skin with Collagen Boosting Peptides, providing immediate and long-lasting firming and tightening effects.

    • Includes the most advanced mega doses of Peptides & Antioxidants available.
    • Reduce wrinkles by reducing muscle contractions with “Neuro/Toxin-Like” Peptides.
    • Firms & rejuvenates skin with Collagen Boosting Peptides.

    Skin Hydration Complex- $48

    A light and refreshing hydration boost for the skin, formulated to provide a soothing, calming effect. Vitamin C and Société’s innovative Peptide Complex promotes increased collagen and elastin production, while antioxidants and hyaluronic acid soothe and reduce the appearance of redness associated with skin resurfacing procedures, rosacea and sunburn.

    • Moisture and Anti-Aging
    • “Anti-Wrinkle” effects with advanced peptide technology.
    • Boosts skin hydration without adding oil.
    • Soothes & calms skin, speeding post-procedure recovery
    • Contains peptides & vitamin C.

    iComplete Injection Procedure Enhancer

    The iComplete System: Intense Firming Complex and Skin Hydration Complex – helps enhance the effects of injections and other anti-aging procedures. This two-step age reversal regimen is specifically designed for use following injections and other procedures to maximize and extend results.

    • Reduces the Appearance of Fine Lines & Wrinkles
    • Hydrates, Plumps, Firms & Tightens
    • Contains Proprietary Collagen Boosting Peptide Complex
    • Contains Hyaluronic Acid & Antioxidants
    • Speeds Skin Recovery
    • Contains Antioxidants & Hyaluronic Acid
    • Contains Innovative Peptide Complex & Vitamin C

    TRIPLE C Vitamin Therapy Serum- $94

    A revolutionary blend of three different, unique stabilized Vitamin Cs. This innovative formula utilizes Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Ascorbyl Glucoside and Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate. These three forms of Vitamin C create a remarkable synergistic combination that remains stable for longer periods, offering high antioxidant, collagen boosting properties without irritation. This formula penetrates instantly to provide longer-lasting benefits of Vitamin C throughout the day.

    • Maximum results with a Triple blend of Vitamin C
    • Increased collagen formation
    • Pigment regulation
    • UV protection
    • Ultimate anti-aging peptides smooth lines and wrinkles
    • Apple Stem Cells combat signs of aging
    • Heat proteins inhibit damaging radical activity and defend cells
    • Antioxidants protect the skin
    • Protection from UV and DNA damage is increased
    • Anti-glycation helps protect collagen production and maintenance

    MARINE Hydrating Mask- $54

    A gel-like mask designed for maximum hydration and plumping. A series of marine extracts, including mucopolysacharides, provide the ultimate in humecant hydration therapy.

    • Professional-grade treatment, now availablefor home use.
    • Refreshes, plumps and hydrates skin with antioxidants, and vitamins A, C and E.
    • Nourishes skin with kelp and seaweed extracts.
    • Balances skin’s moisture level, using sea algae extract.
    • Provides anti-stress components with freshwater blue-green algae Spirulina extract.
    • Calms irritated skin and promotes skin with Aloe Vera, leaving it smooth and glowing.

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