Body Treatments

Mini-Massage Included with each treatment

NEW! Pear Brandy Body Polish- $95

Our newest cocktail body polish is brimming with mouthwatering pear-infused brandy from Bartlett pears grown in California. nourishing your skin and keeping it smooth all winter long,” the scent is ripe, sweet and succulent! This scrub also includes fine grain sea salt and rice bran oil – so not only are you left fragrant, but extremely soft with a glistening finish on your skin.

  • Helps eliminate toxins from body
  • Removes dead skin and moisturizes
  • Improves skin elasticity and regeneration
  • Great to improve circulation and detoxification


Sugar & Cinnamon Body Polish – $95

Relax in our heated wet-room while the therapist polishes your skin to perfection with a Sugar & Cinnamon scrub. A Coconut oil and Lemon body cream will be used to massage the whole body, leaving your skin soft, supple and thoroughly nourished. Very beneficial for circulation.
sugar scrub

Silky Smooth Body Polish – $95

For this delicious spa treatment fine-grain sea salt is blended with Shea Butter, skin-softening jojoba and almond oils to create a one-of-a-kind exfoliating experience. It gently buffs away dryness replacing it with glowing skin that is soft to the touch and enveloped in fabulous scent. Using only natural and highly effective ingredients that are both pampering and nourishing to the skin, these scrubs stimulate circulation and give your body the healthy, silky glow it deserves. Choose from:
  • Champagne and Rose Body Glow – A renewing bouquet rich in antioxidants from grapeseed
  • Pumpkin Spice Body Glow – Pumpkin is rich in antioxidants that help revive tired-looking or dry skin
  • Tropical Pineapple Body Glow – with bromelain enzyme, rich in phyto-nutrients from pineapple.

Stress-Relief Mineral Scrub – $95

Using a combination of nutrient rich minerals, Almond Oil and vitamin E, this invigorating dual action Body Scrub has been formulated to gently exfoliate & moisturize the skin, leaving it silky smooth & totally refreshed. Includes:
  • Sea Salt,Zinc & Magnesium are used to exfoliate
  • Marigold & Chamomile blend of 100% Essential Oils soothe and relax
  • Great to improve circulation and detoxification

Deep Sea Detox Wrap- $110

This wrap is an excellent way to relieve stress and regenerate your skin. Rich Ingredients in this wrap include sea kelp, Klamath Blue-Green Algae, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, rosehip seed oil and lavender. This wrap also includes many antioxidants and fatty acids beneficial to the skin.

  • Helps eliminate toxins from body
  • Removes dead skin and moisturizes
  • Improves skin elasticity and regeneration
  • Reduces cellulite and improves body contouring


Oatmeal & Coconut Wrap – $120

  • Intense therapeutic wrap dedicated to nourish and soothe the skin
  • A unique blend of oatmeal powder and Honey act as maximum hydrators
  • Almond and grape seed oils soothe and moisturize dry, irritated skin
  • Includes a mini massage with Organic Coconut oil
  • Well suited for eczema and irritated skin
  • Add on Infrared Treatment for only $25

Organic Anti-Stress Wrap – $120

Holistic, yet a very luxurious body treatment utilizing the powerful healing properties of organic aromatherapy oils that will be custom blended specifically for your needs. Choose From:
  • Anti-Stress with Orange, Bergamot, Peppermint
  • Anti-Inflammatory with Lavender, Peppermint, Lemongrass and Oregano
  • Detox -Essential oils derived from Lemon, Grapefruit and Juniper can assist the body in ridding itself of unwelcome toxins. When used in conjunction with a dietary and herbal detoxification, essential oils complement the holistic, natural cleaning process.
  • Sore Muscle with Lavender, Eucalyptus and Peppermint
  • Add on Infrared Treatment for only $25
Let yourself be pampered with the wonderful, exotic aromatic oils and a mini massage.

Sauna Session – $35

From time immemorial sweating in steam baths, saunas or hot thermal springs has been appreciated for its beneficial effects. A sauna session keeps your body in shape, sharpens the senses, purifies your soul and refreshes your mind. Can be used individually or you can bring a friend and enjoy the time together. Accommodates up to 4 people. A sauna session can be a social affair in which the participants disrobe and sit or recline in temperatures typically between 70 °C (158 °F) and 100 °C (212 °F). This induces relaxation and promotes sweating, therefore detox. 45 min
Body scrubs and body wraps are available at both locations in Suwanee and Johns Creek.

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